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   An Irish jig is done to jig fiddle music, which often has a beat of 6/8. There are other beats that are still considered to be jigs as well; however, the most common jig music/dance is one of a 6/8 beat. A jig is danced with a lot of hopping, making it into a joyful dance; jigs are often danced at weddings and other types of celebrations.

   A traditional Irish jig is a series of hops and steps that repeat themselves over and over again. The steps are very simple, either stepping forward or taking steps backwards, but the hops can require some practice in getting the timing and coordination right. The best way to practice getting it right is to make sure that you are listening well to the music. The beat is fast, so you'll want to make small steps and hops at first in order to maximize your chances of getting in all the steps on the beat of the music.
Many fashionable dance figures were set to Jig Melodies (6/8), of the time and up till 1843, people were dancing hand in hand, around tables to to the measure of an Irish Jig. The Jig calls for a lively stamping of the heels and rapid footwork with a quiet torso. The Jig may be danced by one or more persons, as a solo or couple.

   One or more persons took part in the dance, and he or she who could longest keep time to the liveliest music was considered the best dancer. The males usually carried in their hands a short stick called a 'shillelagh' which they kept constantly whirling to the time of the music, during the continuance of the dance. The singing of ballads was always interspersed with these dances, the dance not infrequently taking the place of our modern chorus. The basic music defines the speed of the dance with the music for a Jig being in 6/8 time and a slip Jig is 9/8.


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