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Yamaha DGX 220 Your Ad Here

Yamaha DGX "portable grand" is the most playful yamaha keyboard for different melodies and world styles. Enjoy our musical world. 

   History of Yamaha keyboards, sorted by year of manufacturing, products for home pianists and product for proffesionals:
 Year Home Klavier  Product for proffesionals
1962 D-2
1964 C-1
1965 B-6
1966 E-2 A-3
1967 D-2B, B-7, B-7D
1968 B-2, B-6B, E-3
1969 D-7, D-7R YC-10
1970 EX-42, B-6E, B12, B-12R, E-3R YC-20, YC-30
1971 D-3, B-4B, D-4BR, B-5BR, B10AR, B-20R, B-6ER, E-5, BK-6
1972 B-4C, B-4CR, B-10BR, B-30R, BK-5, BK-20A, DK-40A, E-10AR YC-25D, YC-45D
1973 BK-4, BK-7, B-5CR, E-5AR
1974 CSY-1, B-2R SY-1
1975 GX-1, CSY-2, BK-2
1976 B-40R, B-50R, BK-4C, BK-5C, B-20CR, BK-20C, B-30AR, DK-40C, D-30E CP30
1977 E-30, E-50, E-70, EX-1, EX-2, A-40, A-60, B-40, B-60, B-45, C-40, C-60, D-80 CS-50, CS-60, CS-80, CP20, CS-10, CS-30, CS-30L, SS30
1978 A-45, A-55, B-35, B-55, B-75, C-35, C-35i CS-15, CS-5
1979 CN-50, 305, 315 CP10, CS-15D, CS-20M, CS-40M, SK10
1980 D-65, D-85, 405, 415 SK20, SK30, SK50D
PS-2, PS-1, PS-3, TO-1
1981 E-75, E-45, 6000 GS1, GS2, CS-70M, CP11, CP25, CP35, SK15
PS-10, PS-20, PS-30
1982 A-505, B-205, B-405, B-605, B-805, C-405, C-605, 7000 CE20, CS01, SY20, CE25, CP11W, CP7
HS-200, HS-500, PS-30B, PS-3(I),(S), PC-100, PSS-30, MP-1, HS-400, HS-501, PS-300
1983 FX-1, FX-3, FX-10, FX-20, FS-100, FS-200, FS-300, FS-500, MR-1 DX7, DX9, PF12, KX1, DX1, PF10, PF15
PC-50, PS-35, PS-35S, PS-55, PS-55S, PC-1000, MK-100
YP-10, YP-20, YP-30, YP-40
1984 F-5, F-15, F-25, F-35, F-45, F-55 KX5, RX15, RX11, RX11, P400, QX1, FS1, TF1, TX116, TX816
PS-6100, PCS-500, PS-200, PCS-30, PSR-15
1985 CVP-3, CVP-5, CVP-7, CLP-20, CLP-30 QX7, TX7, DX21, DX5, RX21, DX100, DX27, KX76, PF70, PF80, QX21, RX21L
PSS-150, PSS-450, PSR-40, PSS-110, YPR-6, YPR-8, PSR-50, PSR-60, PCR-800, PSR-70, PSS-260, VSS-100
1986 FS-30A DX27S, QX5, MDF1, SDX27S, DX7-2D, DX7-2FD, PF50, PF60, RX5, TX81Z
CLP-40, CLP-50, CLP-45, CLP-55, CLP-200, CLP-300
PSS-160, PSS-560, PSR-11, PSR-21, PSS-120, PSS-360, PSS-460, YPR-7, YPR-9, PSR-6300, PSS-170, PSS-270
1987 HS-4, HS-5, HS-6, HS-7, HS-8, HX-1, HX-3, HX-5, CHX-1 RX17, DX7S, TX802, ARM1, QX3, DX7-2C, WX7, RX7, V2, PF85, TX16W, TX1P
CVP-10, CVP-6, CVP-8, CLP-500, CLP-100, CVP-100MA, CVP-100PE
PSS-130, PSS-470, PSS-570, PSR-22, PSR-32, PSR-12, PSS-370, VSS-30, PSR-80, PSR-90, DSR-1
1988 US-1, US-1000 RX120, PF2000, G10, G10C, QX5FD, PF1200, PF1500, RX8, TQ5, WT11, WX11
CLP-250, CLP-350, CLP-550, CLP-650, CVP-20
DD-10, PSR-16, PSR-36, PSR-6, DD-5, DSR-500, PSS-140, SHS-200, VSS-200, PSS-480, PSS-680, PSS-8
1989 CLP-650W, CVP-30, CVP-50, CVP-70, CLP-570, CLP-670, CLW-12, CLW-14 V50, SY77, TG55
PSS-20, PSS-280, PSS-380, PSR-27, PSR-47, PSS-580, PSS-780, PSR-37, PSR-2500, PSR-3500, PSR-4500, PSS-100, PSS-80, PSS-80R
1990 CLP-260, CLP-360, CLP-560, CLP-760 SY22, SY55, CS100, TG77, TG33, QY10
YPR-20, YPR-30, PSR-2, PSR-28, PSR-38, PSR-48, PSS-190, PSS-290, PSS-390, PSS-50, DD-6, PSR-18, PSS-590, PSS-790, PSR-4600
1991 EL-30, EL-50, EL-70, EL-90 RY30, SY99, TG100
CVP-55, CVP-65, CVP-35, CVP-45, CVP-75, YPP-15, YPP-35
PSR-31, PSR-100, PSR-200, PSR-400, PSR-500, PSS-102, PSS-104, DD-11, PSR-6700
1992 ELX-1 RY10, SY35, SY85, TG500, QY20
YPP-55, CLP-121, CLP-122, CLP-123, CLP-124 CBX-101, CBX-201
DD-12, DD-7, PSR-SQ16, PSR-150, PSR-600, PSR-75, PSS-11, PSS-21, PSS-31, PSS-51, PSR-5700
1993 EL-20, EL-27 TG300, VL1
CVP-25, CVP-83, CVP-85, CVP-87 CBX-K3, CBX-S3, CBX-D5, CBX-302
DD-3, PSR-110, PSR-210, PSR-300, PSR-310, PSR-410, PSR-510, PSR-1700, PSR-2700
1994 EL-37 RY20, TG300GRAY, P-300, VL1m, VL7, W5, W7, RY8
CLP-152S, CLP-153S, CLP-153SG, CLP-154S, CLP-155, CLP-157, CVP-89 MU5, MU80
PSS-12, PSR-6000
1995 EL-17, EL-87 A7000, QY22, P-150, QS300, A7000 Ver2, SU10, W5 Ver2, W7 Ver2
CVP-49, CVP-59, CVP-69, CVP-79, YDP-88 CBX-D3, CBX-K1, CBX-K1XG, MU50, DB50XG
PSR-185, PSR-320, PSR-420, PSR-215, PSR-4000, PSR-520, PSR-620, PSR-77, PSR-7000, PSR-A3
1996 CLP-311, CLP-411, CLP-511, CLP-611, CLP-811, CLP-911 G1D, G50, P50m, QY700, VL70m, CS1x
DD-50, PSR-190, PSR-220, PSR-230, PSR-78, AR-100 CBX-PCC10, MU90, MU90B
1997 CLP-555, CVP-92, CVP-94, CVP-96, CVP-98, YDP-88II A3000, AN1x, B1D, QY70
PSR-330, PSR-530, PSS-14, PSS-7, PSR-630, PSR-730, PSR-130, PSR-8000, AR-80 MU100
1998 EL-900 EX5, P-200, EX5R, EX7, WX5, FS1R, CS2x, EX5S, RM1x, SU700
CLP-810S, CLP-820, CLP-840, CLP-860, CLP-880, CVP-600 CBX-K2, MU100B, MU128, MU15, SW1000XG
PSR-195, PSR-225, PSR-79, PSR-D1
1999 EL-500, EL-700 RY9, CS6X, A4000, A5000, CS6R, S80
CVP-103, CVP-105, CVP-107, CVP-109, YDP-101, P-80, CVP-700 MU100BS, MU2000, MU1000
PSR-240, PSR-270, PSR-340, PSR-540, PSR-640, PSR-740, YPR-50, PSR-9000 MA-63W
2000 EL-900m, EL-400, EL-200 S30, SU200, QY100, DJX-II, DJX-IIB
CLP-920, CLP-950, CLP930, CLP-970, CLP-970A, CLP-955
PSR-280, PSR-260, PSR-160, PSR-GX76, PSR-9000Pro
2001 CLP-910, CLP-990, CVP-201, CVP-203, CVP-205, CVP-207, CVP-209, P-120, YDP-121, YPP-200 AN200, DX200, S03, RS7000, MOTIF6/7/8
PSR-170, PSR-225GM, PSR-262, PSR-282, PSR-350, PSR-550, PSR-1000, PSR-2000, DD-35, DD-55, EZ-20, EZ-30
2002 EL-100 S08, S90, P-250, MOTIF-RACK
CLP-170, CLP-150, CLP-130, CLP-120, CLP-110, CVP-900, P-60, PF-500, PF-1000, YDP-223, YDP-123, YDP-113
PSR-292, PSR-290, PSR-202, PSR-125, PSR-A1000, DGX-500, DGX-300, DGX-202, DGX-200, TYROS, YPP-100, LW-15
2003 CLP-175, CLP-115, CVP-210, CVP-208, CVP-206, CVP-204, CVP-202 MOTIF ES 6/7/8, P-90
PSR-2100, PSR-1100, PSR-275, PSR-273, PSR-172, PSR-K1, EZ-J24, EZ-J14, EZ-250i, EZ-150, EZ-EG, EZ-AG, DD-20S 01X
CVP-309, CVP-307, CVP-305, CVP-303, CVP-301, CLP-F01
PSR-3000, PSR-1500, PSR-450, PSR-295, PSR-293, PSR-175, DGX-505, DGX-305, DGX-205, DGX-203, DD-55C, EZ-TP
2005 CLP-280, CLP-270, CLP-240, CLP-230, CLP-220, YDP-323, YDP-213, YDP-131, YDP-151, P-140, P-70 S90 ES, MO6/8
PSR-E303, PSR-E203, PSR-A300, TYROS2
2006 ELB-01, DDK-7 CP300, CP33, DTXPRESS IV
H01, N-100, YDP-151, P-140, P-70, P-65 MW12, MW10
TYROS2, PSR-S500, DGX-620, DGX-520, DGX-220, PSR-E403, YPT-400
2007 CLP-295GP, CLP-265GP, CVP-409, CVP-407, CVP-405, CVP-403, CVP-401, YDP-S30, NP-30, P-85, F11, F01, CGP-1000 MOTIF XS 6/7/8, MM6
PSR-S900, PSR-S700, PSR-E313, PSR-E213, PSR-OR700, YPT-310, YPT-210, EZ-200, DD-65 n12, n8, MW12CX, MW12C, MW8CX, MW10C
2008 CLP-380, CLP-370, CLP-340, CLP-330, CLP-320, CLP-S308, CLP-S306, YDP-160, YDP-140 MOTIF-RACK XS, MM8, KX61, KX49, KX25, KX8, AUDIOGRAM 6, AUDIOGRAM 3
DGX-630, DGX-530, DGX-230, PSR-E413, PSR-S550, Tyros3, YPT-410 DTXTREME III
2009 ELS-01/01C type U S90 XS, S70 XS
N3, N2, R01, H11, P155, YDP-S31, CVP-509, CVP-505, CVP-503, CVP-501 CP1
PSR-E323, PSR-E223, YPT-320, YPT-220, PSR-S910, PSR-S710 TNR-O DTX-MULTI 12
2010 YDP-V240, YDP-181, YDP-161, YDP-141, DGX-640, NP-V80, NP-V60, P-95 MOTIF XF 6/7/8
PSR-E423, YPT-420, DD-45, YDD-40, Tyros4 CP5,CP50
DTX900, DTX500

   Styles for all kinds of Yamaha keyboards including portable keyboards, digital pianos, arranger workstations, professional synthesizers and workstations.
How to use style files for yamaha keyboard and how to play more beautiful music with them.amaha portable keyboards include the Yamaha PSR K1, Yamaha PSR 170, Yamaha PSR 172, Yamaha PSR 175, Yamaha PSR 273, Yamaha PSR 275, Yamaha PSR 290 , Yamaha PSR 292, Yamaha PSR 350, Yamaha PSR 550, Yamaha PSR 1100, Yamaha PSR 2100 and Yamaha PSR 3000.
   Other popular portable keyboards are the Yamaha DGX, Yamaha Clavinova, Yamaha Tyros, Yamaha Motif, Yamaha MIDI keyboards, and many more
   General Midi -  is an addition to the MIDI standard which ensures that any GM-compatible music data can be accurately played by any GM-compatible tone generator, regardless of manufacturer. The GM mark is affixed to all software and hardware products that support GM System Level.
   XGlite - As its name implies, "XGlite" is simplified version of Yamaha's high-quality XG tone generation format. Naturally, you can play back any XG song data using an XGlite tone generator. However, keep in mind that some songs may play back differently compared to the original data, due to the reduced set of control parameters and effect.