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Yamaha DGX "portable grand" is the most playful yamaha keyboard for different melodies and world styles. Enjoy using it.

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   The many cultures of South and Central America and the Caribbean islands blend American Indian, African and European (particularly Spanish and Portuguese) traditions. In folk music, the particular combination of elements varies from region to region, from the purely Indian forms of highland Bolivia and Amazon rain forests peoples to the mestizo ('mixed') music of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, the largely Hispanic music of Argentina, and the distinctive style of Brazil, which blends African and Portuguese forms. Minorities such as the East Indians of Trinidad and Guyana, the Javanese of Surinam and the Japanese of Brazil complete this rich musical scenario.
   Less Iberian heritage has in general been preserved in Latin America than British in North America; many areas are devoid of Latin influence. But some Hispanic poetic forms dating from the Middle Ages and Renaissance (for example the romance) are performed in a variety of forms throughout the continent, such as the copla of Colombia, the Andean countries and Argentina. Other folksongs, such as the Argentinian and Chilean Tonadas and Tonos, also preserve old Spanish literary forms. In contrast to the thriving Anglo-American tune repertory of the USA, however, few extant Iberian melodies are current in Latin America except the Hispanic children's repertory, which is similar in its Old and New World settings. In the Andean region of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, indigenous Indian music has absorbed Spanish elements, a process that began under the influence of 16th-century Christian missionaries. Andean tunes are essentially European, but often have much repetition and use tetratonic and pentatonic scales. This blend stands in contrast with the marked lack of acculturation between Anglo and Indian style in North America.
   Music has played an important part recently in Latin America's politics, the nueva canción movement being a prime example. Latin music is very diverse, with the only truly unifying thread being the use of Latin-derived languages, predominately the Spanish language, the Portuguese language in Brazil, and to a lesser extent, Latin-derived creole languages such as those found in Haiti.
   Although Spain and Portugal are not part of Latin America, Spanish music and Portuguese music are strongly cross-influenced with Latin music.
   Latino music now become famous in the world you can see Jennifer Lopez, a Popular Latin American singer or Shakira, a famous Colombian Latin pop singer and dancer, both of them now introduce modern Latin music and many people like their song. Other singers are Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony. They have the best seller album in this period. Latin music with modern style is more interested than older one. It’s all because people and audiences like listening to music which has different style and several music instruments.




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