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Yamaha voices - flute  

   Playing flute musicis not as easy as it seems. However soothing and relaxing it is to listen to, this type of music demands a higher form of musical genius to perfect--in fact, that is exactly it: for the flute to give off such immaculate sound, the player should have mastered full control of the instrument before being able to produce the distinctive quality of its sound.
   The techniques in playing the flute involve discipline and delicacy, in contrast to the aggression we find in the way other instruments are played, say, the electric guitar or the drums. And so, only those who have a sharp sense of musicality can effectively and expressively play it.
   Ironically, flutists are not as well known as their counterparts in popular music. If you mention the guitar, you have Slash. If you mention the drums, you have Joey Jordison. If you mention the bass guitar, you have Flea. Now what if you mention flute?
   Yes, as expected, awkward silence.
   So if you are an aspiring flute player, here are some of the names that you could check and see how they have been just as influential in their own right.
   Johann Joachim Quantz
   Quantz is among the first ever professional flute players in 18th-century Europe. He was first an oboist--in the esteemed Dresden court ensemble, no less--before he engaged in playing the flute. He travelled parts of the globe, particularly, Italy, France, and England, to widen his knowledge about the instrument. Several years later he served as the personal musician of Frederick the Great of Prussia, composing, performing, and making flutes for the king. He was also responsible for drumming up a new kind of awareness for the flute in Europe through the publication of his essay in 1752. He wrote over 300 concertos and sonatas that, sadly, were not published but were listed in catalogs made by Horst Augsbach.
   Claude-Paul Taffanel
   One of the most remarkable revolutionaries when it comes to flute music, Taffanel is an important figure in making flute music dynamic and expressive. There was once a philosophy that the flute should always be concerned only about tone quality and not amplification. Taffanel challenged this and defined a sound that was regarded as "powerful and brassy," "ample" or "full." Too, he also approached the vibrato differently. He discouraged it, but then later on stated, through his student Adolphe Hennebains, that it should come directly "from the heart or soul."
   Julius Baker
   Barker is one of the most highly regarded flute players of the modern era. His dexterity with the flute is just as encompassing as his experiences in being a prestigious flute player. Great conductors like Leonard Bernstein, Leopold Stokowski, Fritz Reiner and Bruno Walter have handpicked him to lead their orchestras. Too, he has immensely contributed to respected ensembles like the Cleveland Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Columbia Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, and the New York Philharmonic to name a few. He also worked as a consultant for flutes for the Yamaha Corporation of America and a flute teacher who helped start the careers of Paula Robison, Jeffrey Khaner, Gary Schocker, and many others, all of which have been a success in the field of creating wonderful flute music.

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