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   In all musical instruments the piano is the costliest instrument. The piano has ability to give the loud and stunning sounds and it consists of the wide variety. Piano is very difficult to learn. The piano consist of different parts is present in the piano they are listed below.
1. Keyboard
2. String machine
3. Hammer
4. Damper
5. Strings and pedal
   And the piano consists of seven notes.
   There are two types of modern piano they are:
 1. Upright piano
 2. Grand piano

   It is measured according to the shape and volume of the piano. The grand piano is used only in shows it is very big in size to carry its length is about 9 feet long. The grand piano weight is 79 tons and this piano is very costly. The upright piano is cheap and it is easy to afford and it is small in size. This piano manufactures only for the piano lovers.
   At present the most expensive piano is Steinway grand piano this piano is made at the year 1888. And the piano is sold out at the rate of 180000 pounds in the year of 1980 in New York. Piano is loved by the music composers because the sound in piano is exclusive and the range of 88 keys. The piano plays the vital role in all kinds of music. Piano is the king of musical instrument compare to other musical system.
   If the piano is made from china then it gives so many good varieties. People will recommend the pianos that are made in china. There are 4 pianos that are specially made in china they are
1. Traditional grand pianos and
2. Upright pianos
3. Educational piano
4. Digital piano

   The uses of educational piano:
   The educational piano is used for the children and electronic piano for the beginners.
   The uses of digital piano:
   The digital piano is used for the current and the suitable to use. If the person house is in traditional style, the person can select wooden piano. If the person wants to play the piano for fun then the person can buy 61 key-rolling it's a good selection. And the person should buy the piano benches of good quality and valuable prices.
   How to select a piano?
   Piano is the costliest musical instrument, the person should be very cautious while buying the piano. The person should notice different types of instruction to buy the piano they are
1. Sound
2. Tactility(touch)
3. Tone
4. Stability

1. Sound:
The good piano has fresh and eternal sound and the piano can create the sound softer at the same time the person can play louder.

2. Tactility (touch):
It is very ease for both beginners and the experts to touch the good piano.

3. Tone:
Each and every piano have their regular intervals and it can be adjustable. The frame of a good piano is well designed and it the time can be extended and the time interval is adjusted.

4. Stability:
In this stability the person can adjust the sound of the piano whichever is good to hear .The person can adjust in the piano.

BrightPiano 2.S005.vce
Fav G P 060703.S003.liv
Fav WmG 070703.S003.liv
G Piano 230703.S003.liv
G Piano 250603.S003.liv
G.Piano (Chord).S003.liv
GS G.Piano.S003.liv
GS WmG.Piano.S003.liv
Piano Grande 2.S003.liv
Piano Grande.S003.liv

WarmGrand 2.S003.liv
WmGnd 070703.S003.liv
WmGnd 250603.S003.liv

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    General Midi - "GM System Level 1" is an addition to the MIDI standard which ensures that any GM-compatible music data can be accurately played by any GM-compatible tone generator, regardless of manufacturer. The GM mark is affixed to all software and hardware products that support GM System Level.

XGlite - As its name implies, "XGlite" is simplified version of Yamaha's high-quality XG tone generation format. Naturally, you can play back any XG song data using an XGlite tone generator. However, keep in mind that some songs may play back differently compared to the original data, due to the reduced set of control parameters and effects.