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Yamaha voices - L100  

0 GrandPiano-2K.S004.vce
1 JazzGuitar.S121.vce
3 Clarinet-.S248.vce
4 SoftTromb S1.S192.vce
5 TenorSax.S230.swv
6 AirTrumpet.S187.vce
7 AltoSax-e.S241.vce
8 Flute.S249.swv
9 Strings-.S145.liv
a0 Oct.Piano2.S013.vce
a1 Vibraphone.S350.vce
a2 ClickOrgan.S055.vce
a2 DanceOrgan.S045.vce
a3 SopranoSax.S232.swv
a4 TenorSax S2.S242.vce
a5 GrowlSax.S234.vce
a6 Trumpet.S179.swv
a7 MutedTrump.S185.vce
a8 Trombone.S180.swv
a9 Choir.S283.vce
b0 VenusEP-.S028.vce
b3 SmallAccrd.S071.vce
b4 Musette L.S069.vce
b5 Marimba.S352.vce
b6 SteelDrums.S354.vce
b7 ClasFlute.S251.vce
b8 SpanishGtr.S103.vce
b9 NylonGuitar.S081.vce
c0 GrandPiano-.S004.vce
c1 Banjo.S174.vce
c2 CampfireGtr.S106.vce
c3 Fiddle.S173.vce
c4 FolkGpc C.S096.vce
c5 ModrnHarp.S077.vce
c6 PedalSteel.S089.vce
c7 12StrGuitar.S086.vce
c8 60'sClean.S092.vce
c9 Elec.Gtr.S085.clv
d0 E.Piano-.S020.clv
d1 RockOrgn1.S044.vce
d2 FullRocker.S052.vce
d2 RockOrgn2.S050.vce
d3 CrunchGtr.S090.vce
d3 FullRocker.S052.vce
d4 JazOrgn1 R.S049.vce
d5 JazzOrgan2.S058.vce
d5 VintageOpn.S095.vce
d6 ChorusGtr.S101.vce
d6 MellowDrw O.S057.vce
d7 DrwbrOrg2.S054.vce
d7 WahGuitar.S112.vce
d8 BaritoneSax.S243.vce
d8 VintgAmp-e.S088.vce
d9 BaritoneSax.S243.vce
d9 VintageOpn.S095.vce
e0 SoftBrass.S213.vce
e1 BallroomBrs.S223.vce
e2 WodwndEns.S240.vce
e3 SaxSection.S239.vce
e4 BrassCmH.S215.vce
e5 BigBrass.S210.vce
e6 PopBrass.S204.vce
e7 TrumpetEns.S219.vce
e8 HighBrass.S217.vce
e9 Sforzando.S205.vce
f0 SoftBrass.S213.vce
f1 BallroomBrs.S223.vce
f1 DrwbrSL
f2 WodwndEns.S240.vce
f3 SaxSection.S239.vce
f4 BrassCmH.S215.vce
f5 BigBrass.S210.vce
f6 PopBrass.S204.vce
f7 TrumpetEns.S219.vce
f8 HighBrass.S217.vce
f9 Sforzando.S205.vce
g5 RockOrgan2.S050.vce
g6 DrawbrOrgn.S054.vce
g8 RotorOrgan.S043.vce
g9 RotaryDrive.S051.vce
g ClickOrgan.S055.vce
g DrawbrOrg2.S054.vce
g JazOrgn1.S049.vce
g JazzOrgan2.S058.vce
v0 PanFlute.S250.swv
v1 Class.Flute.S251.vce
v2 Oboe.S245.vce
v3 FrenchHorn.S194.vce
v4 SftTrpt ORK.S183.vce
v5 ClassicGtr.S113.vce
v6 SoftViolin.S161.vce
v7 OrchFlBr.S154.vce
v8 Strings.S156.vce
v9 TubularBell.S358.vce
w Atmosphere.S293.vce
w CyberPad-.S287.vce
w DreamHeavn.S267.vce
w Fantasia.S300.vce
w GldnAge NA.S307.vce
w PianoStrings-.S399.vce
w Skydiver.S295.vce
w SweetHeavn.S266.vce
w TimeTravel.S309.vce
w Wave2001.S291.vce

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